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  • On completion you will be awarded your Certificate Guaranteed to improve your skills
  • Online simulation is as effective as classroom training
    Ref: Resuscitation Medical Journal 2015
Learn Infant CPR
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Is it safe for my baby to have nuts and nut products?

If there is no family history of allergies, peanuts can be included in a baby’s diet. Peanut butter is highly nutritious, and a good source of protein, particularly for vegetarian and vegan babies and can also be incorporated into the weaning phase. Id …


Fever Management in Children

A child is considered to have a fever if their temperature is 38°C  or higher. 
All children with a fever should be assessed for the risk of a serious underlying cause. How can I treat this? Give them regular fluids. Check their temperature regularly, …

Unresponsive child

Unresponsive child and CPR

What to do? Call 999 or 112 Emergency services immediately. While waiting for the emergency services to arrive; Think CAB Check for Circulation – by measuring your child’s pulse Check your child’s Airway to ensure there is nothing blocking it. Check fo …


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